A Spur of the Moment Fashion Find!


Hello everyone!

Finding a nice winter coat is hard. Usually you go from store to store, hoping to find the exact coat you pictured, just to come to the conclusion two hours later, that this exact coat is nowhere to be found. That’s why, people, if life is so awesome that it gives you your perfect, and flipping cute (!), winter coat for 3.50 $ whilst browsing through a thrift store… You better take it!

Literally, that’s what happened to me today. I was just walking to my favorite thrift store in town, where I found > this < jewelry by the way, and I saw this coat and fell in love.

Now my only dilemma was, that I am in fact an exchange student and I bought already way too many things that will be impossible to fit into the suitcase I brought… But that’s a June-problem, that’s what I tell myself, because I simply needed to take this coat. I mean it was waaay to perfect and too cheap to just leave it there!

But now, have a look yourself!








That is it! My spontaneous little purchase, that I made today on my way home from school. My Spur-of-the-moment fashion find! I cannot wait to wear it! What do you guys think of it? Did you find your perfect coat already or are you still looking for it? Let me know! 😉


The wind was trying to mess with my photo shoot…


I’m out and about,



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