What A Year!


It’s the New Year!

We truly live in the year 2018 and this word “2018” still sounds so far away, so unreal and most honestly, just weird to say. But it is here, since today, and with the beginning of 2018 we mark the end of 2017, aka, my first year of blogging.


Yes, exactly one year ago I finally took the step and launched this very blog. The first of January 2017, when the word 2017 itself was just a new to say, as is now 2018. Little did I know then about all the the talent floating around in the internet, the amazing people I would meet, and happy memories I would make. It was one year ago, when I figured, that the first day of the year would also make a great first day of blogging, the blog I’ve been dreaming to write for so long. And here I am now, a whole year later, a whole 365 days wiser, writing about the past year, the next year, but most importantly, about this very day, my bloganniversary, how we bloggers like to call it! I wana say a big loud THANK YOU for this amazing year of blogging I had, thanks to all of you!


This whole blogging journey has been quite magical for me. I fell in love with the idea that I can literally create anything I want and that I get to share it so easily on the internet. I am immensely grateful for everyone who chooses to read my blog, who decides that it is worth it to follow and for everyone who takes the time to comment all these beautiful things under my posts. It isn’t taken for granted at all, let me assure you that.

Reader’s are the writing’s purpose.

Thank you for giving me purpose to write, it means quite the world to me.


After a year of doing this, I like to think that I have a better idea of who I am on the internet and who I am as a person. I started writing a year ago about anything and everything. My main goal was very simply to write. You will find a colourful mixture of content on this blog and that is something I’ve always been quite pleased with.

However, lately I felt the need for change. I think it has a lot to do with me realizing that I am doing more or less the same since a year. Yes, I think, I hope, that my posts got better over the time being. But I feel the need to change certain things around here. I feel like I evolved as a person throughout this year a lot more than my blog did. I’ve got some “growing up” to do around here and I am very excited for it. I hope you guys are ready for new content, better content, different content. I won’t promise too much, but I have high hopes for my new plans.


Let’s take a short look back though at the past year. 2017 has been a good year for me. It has been full of amazing new people, a whole new country, of course, good times, harder times, and an awful lot of fun! There’s always loads I can do better, but on the other hand, so far, I handled life not too bad, so I might make 2018 the first year without actually writing down an annoyingly accurate list of little things that I need to fix. I will enjoy 2018 the way I loved 2017, I will work on myself not because of new year’s resolutions, but because I want to. Thank for everyone that contributed to my amazing life in 2017, please stick around for this new year! 😉



Now onto some motivation beginning of the year speech! Make 2018 the year of your life. Work hard, be good, know your limits, be creative, be around awesome people, make the right choices but make some good mistakes too, learn what you find interesting, be nice, make time for what is important to you, be unique, live as much as you can and it’s going to be a marvelous year! Let’s make 2018 a year full of positive adjectives! I’m counting on you!


I’m out and about (nothing’ll change that 😉 )





Photography: “Winter Wonderland”                                                           Instagram



  1. Such a well-written post! That’s also part of the reason of why I joined blogging; having a platform to spread my messages across the world. I still feel like 1990 was 10 years ago lol. Also happy blogverssary!

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