Are We Living Life Through the Camera Lens?

–  Everything we do, we document. Every day, every trip, every event. We take pictures, of course we do. If there’s no photo, did it even happen?  No matter how fake, how real, who even cares anymore. As long as we have a photo, or even better, ten to choose from

But sometimes I wonder: do we live our lives more through a camera lens than through our eyes?


Hello everyone!

And welcome back dear readers, I hope you had a wonderful start into 2018! For me, it started pretty well! I told you, that I wanted to start exploring a few new directions on my blog, make some changes and well I did. My blogdesign is different now and I absolutely love it! Also, this post is slightly different than what I used to write about, and I am curious to see your reaction!  And now let’s get onto this, I have a lot to say!


Back to the post. Are we overflowing with pictures?

Have you ever thought about that? No matter where you look in the internet: there is a picture. Even if you walk through a city, pictures on advertisements, pictures in shops, people taking pictures on their phones…

According to > this < Buzzfeed article from 2012, 3.8 Trillion of photos have been taken ever. That is a number too big to grasp. In 2012 humans took over 380 billion pictures a year. And it wouldn’t surprise me if that number had grown a significant amount in those last five years.


What I really wonder, is, how many of these pictures do we really use 380 billion. How many of these pictures are deleted by now, how many forgotten on some random USB Stick, laptop, unseen… And how many pictures are you actually proud of?

When you look in the past, taking a photo was a whole different experience. It was expensive, and took more patience, if you messed it up, it was costly and inconvenient to take a better one. Wasting a photo to some random reason, wasn’t worth it.

Nowadays, we take so many photos to make sure that there is a good one amongst it, that it takes more time to sort photos out, than taking them. I speak from experience. I do the same thing for my blog. Of course I do, I want to get the best shots possible. And it’s so easy. So easy. And I am incredibly thankful that technology has come as far, that taking photos is so accessible for everyone. Otherwise I couldn’t use my camera as easy as I do, I couldn’t take photos whilst traveling, photos of friends and families…


But from time to time, I can’t help to think: do we really need to document every single moment?

People take photos of their lunch, their coffee (guilty), their outfit, their this and that and all of these things get published, shared, sent and a lot of them trashed. Was it worth it to take these photos? Does it even have to be worth it? It is hard to say. But we definitely swim in the number of photos taken.

When it comes to the more special times in life, we get very crazy with their cameras. Why Because we want to be able to remember it, we want to hold on to it and be able to get back to it. But not only you want to have the photo, everyone else wants access to it. I think, that there can be quite a big pressure of taking photos. It has become somewhat like a condition. If you go somewhere beautiful, if you meet someone new, if you do something special, you take photos and most importantly: you show them. If there is no photo, did it happen? I mean, why wouldn’t you take a photo of such an important moment?!


The question I ask myself though, is, that if we concentrate on documenting the moment, do we really live it? Or do we simply think we do?

I cannot give you an answer for sure to this question. I just want to throw it out there and hear your thoughts. All I know is, I take a lot of pictures because I enjoy it and I want to remember it, I want certain days and moments captured. However, I noticed that in certain special moments, those magical once-in-a-lifetime-moments, I never took out my camera. I wanted my eyes to take the picture in, not my lens.

For the most memorable moments in my life, I don’t need a photo to remember it. And for everyone else, I will use a thousand words to describe it.



I hope you enjoyed reading this a little thought-provoking kind of post. I certainly doing a little bit of research and building my opinion whilst writing. Now it’s your turn: Let me know what your thoughts are about this, I am dying to find out!

I am out and about,




Photography: “The Fir Branches ”                                                                                   Instagram




  1. I actually need to remind myself to take photos at vacation or if I’m visiting some place, I just love to live in moment and I’m always like that. Becoming blogger was so hard to me because I needed to teach myself that I need to take more photos so my social media looks a bit different. Not sure is there many people like me, I hope I’m not a weirdo. xx

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    1. No, not at all! I think it’s great that you like living in the moment! That is something a lot of people can’t really say of themselves. I guess we are all really different and it’s interesting how society affects each one of us. Thank you so much for reading! (Also, aren’t we all some kinda weirdo? 😉 )

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  2. A very thought-provoking post, and something I was thinking about only the other day. I think it’s amazing that we’re able to take photos pretty much as and when we please, and as many as we like so we can choose the best ones to keep. However, there’s so much focus on what we show others, and I do worry that we’re not living, but rather choosing what we want to show the world, spending too long making sure to get the ‘perfect’ photo rather than experiencing the here and now. Very well said! x

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    1. Exactly! You put it into words really well. I think a lot of people, esepcially with a bigger following feel the pressure to share every moment and therefore somehow miss out on the moment itself. Thank you a lot for your input!


  3. This is such a thought provoking topic. I defientely feel that we live life through our lens. I fall short of this myself. I mean have you been to a concert lately? Hardly anyone is present- everyone- myself included has their phone out documenting the experience. I understand we like to preserve our experiences, but are we living less trying to document our lives? What all do we miss when we’re more worried about watching it tomorrow or posting it shortly?

    Great spot.

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    1. The concert example is exactly what I’m speaking of! So many people decide to film the whole thing just to put it onto their snapchat or instagram stories. I mean there will be professional footage of the concert anyways, but everyone still feels the urge to share their very own film/photo. I think it got out of hand… Thank you so much for your thoughts, Courtney!


  4. This post hits on every angle. With social media, many people want to know and see. Did she/he really go there? Is it worth it? Often I find myself being more selective with what I want to share to the public versus my friends and family versus myself. I also make it a rule of thumb to not be on my phone or camera to endorse myself in the moment of feeling rather than documenting.

    Amazing post!

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    1. I agree, I think it is important to decide for yourself what you share in public vs. what you share with family and friends. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thank you so much for your thoughts, Alyssa!!


  5. I absolutely LOVE this post, it’s all so so true!! But there is a magic in taking a photo as well. It’s capturing a moment in time to look back on and remember, that’s awesome as well. I think there’s just got to be a balance between living in the moment and taking pictures to remember the moment😊
    Great post!!

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    1. I get that, I really do. But somehow I find that the best moments is for my eyes only to see, for me to experience, and not to be disturbed by my camera. But I really agree on wanting to document important episodes in our lives! Thank you so much for reading!

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      1. There is really nothing wrong with taking a lot of pictures in my opinion, but sometimes I believe it’s worth it to step away from it for a bit. So yeah, it’s about finding the right balance, which again is totally different for each one of us!

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  6. I love this kind of post! While I was reading, it got me thinking about how much photos I take. Especially on holidays. I do like to think that I have a balance of how many photos I take, and enjoying the moment itself. That’s what I like to think anyway haha! 🙂

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  7. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, it baffles me how people’s first reaction to anything out of the ordinary is to whip out the phone and start recording. It’s understandable that we want to document these memories to relive later etc etc but it’s crazy that people do it when it concerns someone getting hurt – prioritising getting it on video over helping the person just doesn’t make any sense to me. There’s nothing wrong with taking photos every now and then out of appreciation but I do think there needs to be more living in the moment for sure xx

    Janelle |

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    1. You’re right, anything a little out of the ordinary needs to be filmed/photographed instantly. Sometimes people are just weird, aren’t they? Thank you for the input and for stopping by 🙂


  8. I’ve caught myself doing this so many times. I’ll be video-ing something and realize that I’m not even watching the real event, just my phone screen as I video. I always put my phone down in moments like that, and when I’m with friends I’ll take photos only when we’re not doing anything that I should be living, not seeing througha phone. I’m still totally guilty of this, and I’m working toward doing it less and less.

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  9. Quite an interesting post, I am also guilty of always taking photos, but thats because I love looking back at what has happened over the years, but also I completely agree, especially when it comes to going to a gig, it should be about getting the balance between enjoying the moment while also wanting to capture it to share with others, I guess thats how we are adapting as a race over the years xx

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  10. To start with, I’m in love with the new design of your blog! And I totally agree with you, sometimes we should all enjoy the moments and keep the nice images of them in our memories only. Especially when we are with our kids, we have to be a good example for them.


    Erin Off Duty

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    1. Thank you!! I’m glad to hear you like my new design 🙂 And yes, I find it shocking sometimes to see parents hanging on their phone 24/7, they don’t even really pay attention to their kids because they rather take a cute snap of them… Thanks a lot for reading!


  11. Hi Elena! I came across your blog and really liked your posts. It’s interesting how I was watching my favourite band perform last night and I thought that if I had a chance to go to their concert, I would definitely try to enjoy it rather than film it all the time.
    I also study in Canada and I write a blog for my school assignment. I would appreciate if you checked it out and gave me any feedback. Thank you and have a great day!

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