Beautifully Negative – photography series

Photography is usually used as a mirror of reality, not in the negative world of photos. I experimented with the negatives of colors on my photos. 7 unique and pretty unconvential photographs made it into this series – a little irrating, yet negatively beautiful.

Hello everyone!

How’s it going? I hope you are all well! Thanks a lot for your feedback on last’s week post, I am glad to see that I am not the only hopeless art fan.

Lately I’ve been playing around with my photo editing and I’ve realized that there is a lot you can do with a simple photograph. I discovered a different kind of photography for myself; not only a good raw picture can make a good photograph, a well-edited and creatively composed one, has a whole other appeal.

So, it’s been quite exciting for me to experiment a little bit with my editing skills and this series of colored negatives is the result! I think the vibe of these photos is quite unique, interesting and somehow feels so wrong because we’re used to seeing the world different.

But I find it kinda cool to for once not use photos to showcase reality, but the exact opposite of it!



 beautifully negative

















Very different for sure, but hopefully in a beautiful way! It was rather brave for someone who’s always loved playing with a simple scene, interesting angles and shapes… But I kinda do like it. It’s interesting and it was definitely fun to create this series! Let me know what you think of this series, I’m excited to hear your opinion!!

I wish you a wonderful week, hopefully you can enjoy the winter in your country! Here in Canada, everything is still covered in snow, it’s just marvellous!

I’m out and about,



  1. I remember when I first started using Photoshop, that I loved this feature! These are some awesome photos though – they work particularly well on the trees/landscape and the more hard, concrete surfaces. The last picture actually looks like it could be out of a video game!

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  2. Hi! Good job! I also really enjoy photography and will totally be doing this.
    Please go give my Instagram @mar.tsai a follow! Thanks!

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