I Went Dog Sledding

Hello everyone,

– Three beautiful days away from civilisation, three days out in the forest with friends and dogs, three days surrounded by a cold winter world, as peaceful and pure as it can be – I went dog sledding. –

Let me take you on this expedition!



I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this dog sledding trip in the Algonquin National Park, Ontario with other exchange students. All in all we were gone out in the forest (or bush how the Canadians say) for three days and these three days were honestly some of the most peaceful and pure days I’ve ever lived.




When I first heard about dog sledding, I was excited and a little nervous. I hoped that I could take it working with the dogs and steering a sled myself. But as soon as we started to sled on the trails, the worry was gone. With the wonderful guides we had, I felt better and safer, and the nature was so pretty, the dogs so adorable (even though very energetic) that the whole experience was amazing.





We were dog sledding to a camp, where we would stay the night in a tent. Although it was cold, I wasn’t, because the running with the dogs up the hills kept you warm pretty good. Arriving at the camp, we had a hot lunch. (Who would have thought that cooking delicious food is so easy in such a simple tent?)




We didn’t bring water with us, so we had to go and make a water hole in the frozen river. The guides would boil the water, so that we could drink it safely. After that, we had to go and get some wood. We went and felled some trees. Yes, I know, sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what we did. We sawed quite a lot of wood throughout these days, let me tell you that. But it was fine, I mean after all, the wood would keep us warm through the night!




It really was a fulltime outdoor experience for three days and I absolutely loved it! My group was amazing, the guides really friendly and I can’t stress enough how beautiful it is to sit on your dogsled and drive through a true Winter Wonderland!




I won’t be able to forget this Canadian experience so quickly, that is for sure!!

I’m out and about,



Photography: “Dog Sledding”                                                                                       Instagram




    1. Haha the cold is fine if you’re prepared 😉 I wore like 4 layers of pants and 5 layers of T-shirts and sweaters… That kept me warm enough so I could totally concentrate on everything around me and not the temperature!

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  1. I enjoyed your Canadian Dogs-Trip immensly. Pictures and Text were in a very good relation, so I kept curious during your whole wonderful story. I missed a photo of you – and of the sun!
    Yours Li Binder-Wehberg

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  2. This is like the 4th time in recent weeks that I’ve heard people going dog sledding! I’ve heard the dogs just LOVE to pull – they’re born for this job! As a Canadian, I think I owe it to myself to do this one of these days!

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    1. Really? That’s funny I myself never even heard of anything like til I got the offer to go… But yeah, the dogs are incredibly strong and energetic, no one should understimate them!! Definitely go and try it, it’s just wonderful!!


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