How Realistic Do We Need to Be on Social Media?

– How real do we need to be, how edited, how perfect are we allowed to showcase ourselves on social media? At what point is it not acceptable any more, how much is necessary?-

That’s what I asked myself yesterdays whilst scrolling through one beautiful Instagram profile after the other. Social Media really is a funny thing. Generally there is an expectation to be as real, as authentic as we can. The audience has mostly come to terms that the so-called “influencers” need to be a relatable idol, someone to look up to but, as well as someone you can compare yourself with. Beautiful photos, hip lifestyle, great sense of fashion… literally perfect, but with enough flaws, so that everyone feels a little more comfortable. Those are the influencers today’s audience on want. The expectations are high.




In the meantime, people complain about heavily edited photos, fake smiles, posed photographs. And for the longest time I was complaining with them.

But just now, my mindset has suddenly shifted.

It is needless to say that even though we all try to seem real, a person with problems and flaws, not too many, just the right amount, amazing enough to be admired, on the internet we are all sort of fake. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to show the whole of your personality, your whole life and everything you think on your social media. Doesn’t that alone mean, that whoever you see on social media is just a glimpse of the personality who is behind the account? No matter how hard you try, you can never really give a truly realistic idea of your life.

And you know what, I’ve come to terms, that maybe that shouldn’t even be our goal.



If you think about it, social media is a platform created for us to share whatever we wish to share with either the whole world or just a group of friends. We share our passions, positivity, inspirations, opinions, problems, actually we mostly showcase ourselves. And that is why it is so popular, we like to showcase ourselves and we like that we can showcase just our favorite part of ourselves.




In real life we meet people, talk, get to know them, learn about her/his personality, what they like, what they dislike, what they’re good at and what they’re not. The longer you know a person, the more you spend time with him or her, the more you find out who they are and where their strength, where they’re flaws are. Both undeniably belongs to a person. And it is hard to hide either side. Yes we can choose not to say certain things, avoid certain situations and conversations… but because you can’t just stop being yourself sooner or later a person that is close to you, will find out about it.




Now something as neat as social media comes along, and suddenly it is so easy to not show certain sides of yourself. To only talk about the positive ones, to only pick the best photo, your favorite dress and the coolest location. You get to choose so carefully what of yourself other people get to see.

And truly, how can you judge anyone for that?



How can people call you out as inauthentic and fake when you simply choose to not show your bad days, not show your weaknesses and bad moments. How can you judge someone who doesn’t want to tell you the things they are not proud of?

We’ve all heard the quote: “be the best version of yourself”. Well, that is exactly what most people are on social media. And I think that is ok.




Of course, I still disagree with lying on social media. We should stay true to ourselves and not make up a whole new personality. But I think there is nothing wrong with only showing the best side of yourself. Share whatever you want to share, be as personal as you want to be. But do not judge anyone who choses to only show the best traits of themselves.

Because truthfully, by now, we should all be aware of the fact that nothing on the internet can even get close to who you really are as a person in real life.



My mind is still not really done and over with this subject, there is so much controversy and opinions as soon as you start talking about social media. But it is important to talk about it. And I would love to have a big discussion with you guys about it. Please let me know if agree or disagree with me, whether you have a completely different opinion or view on this. I want to hear all about it!

I’m out and about,




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  1. I personally don’t care about all the perfect insta-bloggers, I only care about my content. I post stuff that I’m happy with, that show the better version of myself. And that’s what I’m aiming for – to be the positive, smiling, supportive, engaging person that I allow the other people to see. It probably sounds way too messy than it actually is lol 😀

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  2. Every time I read these posts, I come away with a new perspective or idea or at least something to think about. I’ve kinda been thinking about this for a awhile and I believe that honesty online is sooooo important. Great post as always.

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  3. I love your perspective on this, Elena! I think focusing on showing our favorite parts of ourselves on social media is perfectly fine, just so long as those favorite parts are true to who we are. Xxx

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  4. You have a good point here! And is up to person who owns account on social media, what she wants to post and who she likes to be there. If we don’t like it we just can decide to not click like button or just unfollow

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  5. Love this post! And I agree with you! I think people should show as much as they want to show. All viewers are different so some will appreciate an influencer being more real and others will like to look up to the more “perfect” influencer. I think it depends on your following. Xoxo !

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  6. I totally agree with this! I think having a social promoting the version of ourselves wewould like to share and the message we want to promote will also allow usto get back to the core self or when weu find ourselves going off track xxx.

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  7. I completely agree with you. You make a good point here! Personally I’ve never had an issue with ”perfect” photos. It’s not meant to represent reality, it’s supposed to inspire! No one knows what that person is going through behind the scenes.

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  8. Is anyone ever really honest on social media? Are we even the same person on there? There are so many questions regarding this topic and the answers are so obscure. Maybe we’re happier when we’re honest on social media… But I predict we’re not gonna get that great of a feedback from others for doing so. Everything on social media seems very ‘tight’ and like there’s a formula for posting ‘good’ content that works well with the algorithms.

    Anyways, I wanna start an experiment and spend a week without social media. I’d like other bloggers to join me and write about their experiences. If you wanna know more – no pressure – you can check out my latest blog post 🙂

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    1. You are completely right, on social media there are certain expectations and everyone is given a “role”, even more so than in real life. I have thought about spending time without social media several times, and I think it’s a very cool thing to do. I will defintely check out your post, but I don’t know if this will fit into the weeks I have ahead. Props to you though for doing it, and big thanks for your comment 🙂

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  9. This is a really good point. You gave me a lot to think about. I know when I use social media, I don’t overtly try to hide my problems but I usually don’t highlight them. Sometimes I do when I need prayer for them (I’m Christian) or sometimes I talk about things that I think should be called out, but most of the time I keep my feed positive. I have a lot of long-distance friends and family and I mostly use social media to keep up with them.

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    1. I think that is great. It’s not about hiding the bad parts of life, but more about higlighting and promoting a positive lifestyle (without faking it though). And yes I totally agree, social media is wonderful to keep in touch with people!

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  10. Yep social media is a difficult one. I do agree social media can be good for making self feel better about self by recording achievements and highlighting your positives … it is just when someone else’s look better than yours … but they may not be true …social media difficult.

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    1. I know right… I sometimes feel like whatever I say about social media is kinda wrong again. No opinion is fully right and no way to use it either, it’s tricky. But the key is, I guess to figur out your own way to handle all of it. Tthanks for reading!


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