Quality or Quantity? What Do You Choose?

Hello everyone,

For today’s topic, I would like to give you a short personal introduction. This post doesn’t come out of nowhere, actually this post is even a result of not posting yesterday, the reason I reverted my scheduled post for Sunday back to a draft.


What happened is easy to explain. I had a busy week, pushed the task of writing down proper ideas, editing photos and planning this Sunday’s post. Usually, I am quite good at planning ahead, for instance I know already what my next month’s content is probably going to look like. However, this week’s post slipped out of my hands, I was a little lazy, uninspired and reassured myself that if anything else failed, I always whip something nice together on Saturday night. That is exactly what I did. My post was set and ready to go.

Everything was fine, except my peace of conscience.

The post wasn’t bad, not really, it was quite decent actually. I totally could have smuggled it amongst the rest of my content, nobody probably would have even criticized anything. But on Sunday morning, I realized that I wasn’t fully happy with it. It was a fill-in post, it had no message, no beauty, nothing I could actually be proud of.


So I took it down, decided against posting, even though that would mean to miss out a Sunday, be late and possibly even stand there with nothing until the next week. I disappointed myself the most. But I don’t regret making this decision. I chose quality over quantity.

And this decision led my thoughts further. I wondered how many before me chose to rather post something for the sake of posting, instead of really making sure it was a good post. Truthfully, I think a lot more people, blogger, influencers do that than we would like to think.


The internet and the audience we have is forever demanding more content in a shorter period of time. It is very hard to keep up with the fast-paced habits of everyone around us online. We constantly post to stay relevant, to not be forgotten, to keep up with the huge content overflowing internet.

And I was part of it myself, not even thinking anything of it. If I look back at my posts in 2017, more than I would like to admit are fill-in posts. Blogposts that I needed in that moment, that I created half an hour before posting. If there wasn’t a third post yet, well then, I could always throw together a little something to satisfy the readers. With the new year, I really changed my mind about this. I didn’t like this. I wanted higher quality, more thought, more meaning in each post.


More isn’t always more. Who benefits from my random fill-in posts? Not my readers, because it is nothing original, not myself, because there was no interesting work involved from my part… maybe my blog stats, on posting days the views go up automatically.

But I have never blogged for my views to go up. And I know every blogger says that. Yes of course I won’t deny that I do feel accomplished seeing my blog grow, and it’s nice to see how often a certain post was read. But if I truly was obsessed with my views, you wouldn’t read this post, you would have read my random post yesterday.


I don’t want to judge anyone who does post a lot, who’s blog simply lives from small, neat posts, who cares about views, who does all those things, because let me tell you, I know that there is a lot of work involved as well.

But that is simply not the work I want to deliver.

I don’t want to anyser to that never-ending request for more content, for faster content, for cheap content. Right now, the internet follows the rule quantity over quality. I can do better than that. And even if that means that my post is late, I’d rather post something that has an effect on my readers. Something that makes you think, something that you can enjoy, that maybe even inspires… And for that content, I need time.

I chose quality over quantity. What do you choose?

I’m out and about,




Photography: “Last Sun Of The Day”                                                                        Instagram





  1. If your followers and readers are loyal enough they won’t mind if you miss a post at all! Create for you, not for other people, sure there are things that may get a lot of views but if you’re not interested in what you post how can you expect everyone else to be? Quality 100%!

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    1. I agree, most followers don’t care at all whether you missed a post. I dare say, they wouldn’t even notice. For me I meant more, that I personally cared about missing a post because it was a goal I set myself. Thank you for reading!

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  2. I choose both, is that an option, hah? As I don’t have much free time now all of my free time goes on blog and writing blog posts. But I have to admit it’s getting to the point where I just can’t do it anymore, so I’ll probably change my schedule to one post a week.

    As bloggers we need to own our content and be happy with it for sure. If we do it only for views or popularity we wouldn’t be here as most of us are still small bloggers. Sometimes I feel like my motivation goes down and I’m struggling to keep up with posting. xx

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    1. Both is an option for sure! But I don’t have the time for both right now, and you seem to know how big of struggle it is to keep up both. That is why I decided to chose one or the other. Also, since I put all my energy and creativity into one post a week, my motivation to blog is a lot higher. It feels a lot less like responsibilty or like a stressful thing, much more something I really look forward to, which was very important for me. Thank you so much for reading, Azra!

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  3. Very inspiring and insightful post. I admit that I tried to post daily for a time, but that only lasted through the holiday season, which is ironic- when most people are busy, I posted daily, even if it was fluff. I MUST get back to meaty posts myself. Your post has given me determination to make my wee corner of the interwebs half decent again. Thank you!! 😄👏

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    1. Oh I am so happy to hear that, really! I am sure that your blog will be (probably is already) very amazing! But it’s true, it does take a lot of determination! Thank you for reading!


  4. Ahhh this post was so good, quality is definitely more important for me in quantity, and not just in the area of blogging. I’d rather have fewer better this or that than an abundance of lesser quality. Xxx

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  5. Just started following and I loved reading this post! I haven’t read a blog that addresses this and everything you wrote is so relatable I often find myself not posting because I’m not happy with the content I’ve written. Great work 😊 xx

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  6. I love this post, I feel like I have been more focused on pleasing my readers with more,posts than focusing on the quality of them. I am going to take a step back and definitely look at what I want. I’m choosing quality over quantity to. Xx

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    1. Oh I’m glad that you enjoyed this post!! I think quality is just something that will last so much longer and I also enjoy blogging more if I put more effort into each post! I am sure you can reach your goals as well!! 🙂

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