Why I Like Being A Teenager

 Teenagers. Those confused people stuck between child and adult, not knowing what they want, complaining, tiring, bored and worried, annoying and arrogant, naïve, hopelessly lost in the reality of life, everyone desperately trying to escape those years of complete fiasco. Teenagers. Or maybe, maybe its not that bad at all.

Hi everyone,

When I talk about how I feel in my life, how I like my life and what I want to change with my friends, sooner or later one of them will tell me. “Ah it’s those teenager years, I hate it. I just want it to be over and done with.” Usually I just kinda nod, well yes, being a teenager is as you say “tricky”, we’re always trying to figure out ourselves and life in general without really getting anywhere… Just today I had another conversation about it, but today, I disagreed.



I disagree.

Truthfully, I like being my age, I like being a teenager, I love not having to worry about all the adult things, I love being able to be both responsible and taken serious, as well as being completely silly, I love that I don’t know who exactly I am yet, I love that I have time for what I want to do, that I can learn day by day more about this world, I love that I have the freedom and the possibility to become whoever I want to be, to change my mind daily and that all of this is absolutely fine because I’m a teenager.



And I am not saying that you cannot do any or all of the above when you are younger or older. But (correct me if I’m wrong) it seems to me, that it is the easiest whilst we’re teenagers, stuck between child and adult. You can choose whether you act younger or older, you can make mistakes, be wrong all of it is ok. Because you are a teenager.

Yes, sometimes, I think it would be nice, if I just knew exactly who I want to be, what I want to do, and how. But then again, do you ever really know?

In our teenager years it is said that you evolve the most, but you never totally stop, I think.



Lately I noticed changes in myself. I notice that I think differently about certain topics, I dive deeper into my passions, I sense a little better who I could be. And I love that.

I love that I have so many possibilities and opportunities, doors that are wide open for me.

A lot of friends complain about the pressure of society. I agree, that it life sometimes feels like there is only one path for you to take, if you lose direction once, you’re lost. But I don’t feel that way. I am probably way too optimistic, but I hate not to be. It’s not any good, to tell yourself everything you can’t do.



I don’t even know what this post turned into!

I think what I am trying to say, is that if you sometimes feel sick of being an undecisive and over-worried teenager, (which applies to myself) than don’t see it as a life of struggle, but as a life full of possibilities. As cheesy as it sounds, I think it’s true. There is so I want to do and so much that I don’t know yet that I will want do.

My life as teenager it’s pretty awesome, I think it’s exciting!

What do you think of being a teenager? What is, what was it like for you? We can talk about it!

I’m out and about,



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  1. I remember I was much more free and my life was just easier when I was teenager. The big thing is because you don’t worry about bills and adult stuff, so it’s easier. But when you are teenager you think that some small problems are big and you worry too much, I was like that all the time. That I could bring time back I would take it easy and don’t worry to much, because those problems weren’t problems at all haha. Lovely post Elena. xx

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    1. Thank you, Azra! I agree, it’s very easy to get way too worried about the little things, that’s why I think it’s important to remind yourself that there is no point to do that, it can all be fixed!


  2. The teenager life can be hard but I do wish sometimes being one again because the adult life is quite something too. Loved this post and how you always share your really thoughts with us xx

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  3. It can be hard to be a teenager but I’m also having some of the best years of my life right now and you don’t have to worry about all the things adults have to. Thanks for sharing this post with us all xx

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  4. Unfortunately I am no longer a teenager but I totally agree with everything you have said. This is the time to make mistakes and to mess-up and to spend all your money on stupid shit and call your parents to bail you out because you never will be able to again. Enjoy it whilst it lasts haha because it does not last long! xx

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  5. being a teenagerrrrr?? i am so indecisive about it when i think about being a teenager! In a way i love it because i like the generation and everything we as a generation get to experience, i love the adventures and memories but then again the stress and the drama sometimes is just too much… so hmmmm, i guess ima start liking it more when im in my later teens ❤
    loved the post
    sareena ❤

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    1. Glad you loved it, and of course it’s not always super easy to be a teenie, but then again, when is it? I just think that most of stress and drama, especially at school is unneccessary. Thanks fo reading!

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  6. I’m a new follower and this post really spoke to me because I relate a lot! I’m new to this site, starting a daily anymous blog about being a teenager in modern times and stuff similar, and you’ve really inspired me, so thanks a lot! xxxx

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