Responsibilities I have As A Girl

It’s international women’s day. And before you click away, thinking “not another one”, please remember how remarkable it is that we have such a day and how wonderful it is that we all want to talk about it, empower us and spread support. I don’t think that I will ever realize exactly how thankful I have to be for all the rights I have. It’s international women’s day, a day where it becomes clear to me, what my role as a young girl is in today’s world.

It’s international women’s day and although I could choose to point out all the amazing things we women can do, I’d rather talk about equality. I’d rather talk about how I wished we wouldn’t need a special day to create awareness for women’s rights and qualities.

Today I will talk about Feminism. A word that is so familiar by now, so almost overused and a word with so many different connotations. It is also a word that I ought to write a lot more about, if I look back I am almost ashamed to see how I’ve never really talked about it as much as I would like. Maybe because it is a topic and a word that seems to be everywhere anyways, and yet not enough.


But today I will talk about it. There’s no better time than today, although there isn’t a bad time for it either.

The reason I chose this title, is because it is my understanding of Feminism. Feminism isn’t a opinion, not a hobby, not a name for women, to me it is simply a responsibility I feel. And I believe that it is a responsibility for every one of us.

What feminism means exactly is often misunderstood. It’s not about women being better than men, it’s about making sure that women and men are treated equally and working together for a better world rather than against each other.


Feminism is just another word for equity.


So how is it that so many people are appalled by equity? Is that not a goal in life that is worth fighting for? Is that not what every single person essentially wants for him or herself? Is it not a responsibility that everyone is carrying?

I think so.

I feel responsible to be thankful for all the rights that I have because women in the past fought for them.

I feel responsible to keep fighting for them and their realization in our everyday life.

I feel responsible to make sure that I treat everyone around me as equal in order to be treated the same.

I feel responsible to have conversations with like and different minded people about feminism, equality, and sexism. It is too important to be silent about it.

I feel responsible to educate myself about things like feminism.

I feel responsible to speak up about it. That is why I am writing this. No matter how small the audience might be. Speak up about it.


And lastly, I feel responsible to confess to you, that my title is wrong.

Those are not responsibilities I feel as a girl, I feel them as a human being.

I’m out and about,



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  1. Dear Elena, grosses Kompliment für Deine Ausführungen. Deine Mutter und ich mit vielen Frauen kämpfen schon lange für “Gleichwertigkeit” und damit auch für Euch junge “Human Beings”. Auch Heute – auch durch Dich angeregt – wie häufig bringe ich das Thema wieder in´s Gespräch – auch als fast 80Jährige (oder gerade als solche) . Deine Li

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danke Li, freu mich sehr über dein Kompliment und Kommentar. Frauen wie Mami, Mömle und Du haben mir ja auch die Grundlage für was ich hier schreibe vorgelebt und beigebracht!


  2. This post is outstanding. I am very impressed at how you expressed your thoughts so clearly and passionately. I am also delighted to know that there are younger women out there who have an excellent awareness and knowledge of what feminism is and how it benefits them – and society in general. It gives me hope for the future 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, this comment also gives me hope. I do think, as cheesy as it sounds, that the willing can change the world for the better. And I am happy that there are that many who are willing and passionate for change!


  3. Wowza this was absolutely incredible! Your way with words will never cease to amaze me, and I love how inspirational this was. It’s so important to put stuff like this out there to educate others who don’t know about this and educate further those who do. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Sivylla, that’s probably the best compliment you could have given me! Thank you! I definitely dreamed of writing a book, making it happen is a whole other story… but thank you!


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