Being Homesick

Homesick. What an odd word. If you think about it, doesn’t it imply the contrary of its meaning? Home sick. As if you were sick of your home, but really you miss it.

I’ve talked about leaving home for the first time but didn’t really get into the subject of homesickness. But it is a topic that I want to write about, especially since I feel like I learned quite well how to deal with in the 7 months I’ve been away. I don’t exactly know how this post will turn out, but let’s just see.



I personally distinguish between two types of homesickness. Either it is a desperate feeling, one, that makes you want to go back home, one, that nothing seems to be able to fix but the people and the place you miss.

It is quite terrible.

Then there’s the melancholic feeling, one, where everything reminds you of home, in your mind you are more home than wherever you are, you miss it, one, that makes you realize how much you love your home.

It is almost a beautiful feeling.


The first thing I figured out for myself, was that I needed to accept it. Especially at the beginning of my exchange, I felt bad to be homesick. I mean, I came here willingly to have a good time. How could it be, that I felt so sad then? But trying to ignore it or be angry at yourself, doesn’t help. It is important to accept the feeling.

It is okay to be homesick.


Most people will tell you to stay busy if you are homesick, which I agree with partway. Yes, over a longer period of time, staying busy will take your worries away, but I personally, always needed a little bit of time just by myself. If I was sad, well I needed time to be sad. I couldn’t just push it away with a million things to do. For me it felt good, as controversial as it sounds, to be sad for a bit. But then of course, you gotta move on.

Give yourself some time, you might need it, but don’t stay stuck.

It really does help to have people around you. So try and do something with your friends, try to get out of your house.


I think probably the most important thing to do, is that you really listen to yourself. What kind of homesickness is it? Sometimes it helps to talk to your family, because sheer just miss a conversation with your mom and other times, you will find that less contact feels easier on you. It really depends on the situation.

And don’t forget to treat yourself. If you are feeling a bit sad, it’s ok to just watch your favorite feel good movie whilst munching on your favorite chocolate bar and going to bed early.

The next morning will be brighter.


Remember that each and everyone of us is different, but this is how I deal with my homesickness, with some a bit sad days, the times where I’m longing to be with my family. It isn’t always easy, but I promise you, with a bit of effort, distraction and good people around you, homesickness will go away.

And I guess the fact that we are homesick only means that we are happy home. That is actually a really nice thought.


Now let me hear your stories, your thoughts on this topic. I’m sure most of us have been through one or two situations and even just talking about it can help a lot. So let’s have a nice little discussion about feeling homesick and how to deal with it.

I’m out and about,



Photography: “Water Movements”                                                                        Instagram


  1. I always felt really homesick when I was away, especially my first trip to England with my class was really hard. You’re doing so good Elena and I loved this post so much xx you’re a true inspiration

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  2. A really thought-provoking post. I’m lucky that in the 3+ years since I emigrated I have only really felt the melancholy type of homesickness although expat friends have definitely experienced the other and I am aware it could hit at any point. Whenever I’m feeling a bit sad I Facetime family or friends (which sometimes admittedly makes things worse if they’re doing something you would previously have been doing too), curl up and watch a film that reminds me of home. or go out and do something that reminds me why I’m living thousands of miles away! x

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    1. Wow 3 years is a long time! But yeah keeping in touch does help, although it brings up some melancholy. And you’re absolutely right, it’s important to remind yourself why you left in the first plance! Thank you for reading!

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  3. Awww lovely post Elena!! I think we all got homesick at certain points in our life so this post is very relatable. I completely see what you mean about ‘home sick’ sounding like you’re sick of home but actually it means the opposite – it’s a weird term!! Xx

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    1. Aw thank you Sareena! The weird thing is, I couldn’t wait either to leave and I wasn’t ever really homesick before so it was even harder when it hit me. But hopefully you’ll be fine! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!

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