Simply Living Through Life

Have you ever looked back and had to admit to yourself, that you haven’t really been present but just waiting? Have you ever noticed that nothing you did was exciting, worth remembering? All you did was simply living through life, waiting for something to happen.

~ music: both sides are even – the boxer rebellion ~



I have. I have been at that point. At that point where I simply lived, without really doing anything. I wasn’t especially sad, not especially happy, not especially anything. I just lived. And I didn’t think anything bad of it. I was waiting.  In my mind, the exciting things were to come in future. I would just wait for a certain day, as if on that certain everything will be different.

But the day will only be as interesting as I make it.



And I think a lot of us go through that. This feeling like it doesn’t really matter that another day was boring. This impatient longing for more but not knowing for what.

This state of motionless life.

I think we shouldn’t just accept that.

I’ve been there. Till I realized that it’s not worth it. Shouldn’t we have at least something worth mentioning each evening? No matter if beautiful, interesting, even sad or difficult? But something that you remember when looking back at that time.




We don’t live to live in a blur of days,we shouldn’t let each morning just melt into the evening. We don’t live to you feel like too busy with life to actually live.

We live to have stories to tell, experiences and dreams to remember, moments and memories to recall. But in order to tell stories, you need to live them first.

Attentive, present and curious.



And I know I can only speak for myself, but that is how I want to take every day. Attentive, present and curious. I don’t want to let life just happens to me. I don’t want to simply live through time and then wonder where it went.

I know this sounds so deep and dramatic, and I apologize for that. Of course not every day can be a new adventure. But the mindset behind it is what counts.

I wrote this post as a reminder for me, in case I forget to make something out of every day. But maybe it can be a reminder to anyone of you out there, who goes through this same feeling. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion, tips and ideas to this post. I hope you have a good day.

I’m out and about,



~ I will start to add the song I listened to whilst writing my posts, a song that sets the mood and captures the message I want you to understand. I feel like music was the last component to fulfill my blog. With words, photos and a song I feel like I can capture an emotion and hopefully trasnport it to you. ~


Photography: “summer reminiscing”                                                                          Instagram


  1. I really resonated with this post. So deep and thought provoking. I also loved the use and effects of your images whilst scrolling and reading through.

    In regards to being present and in the moment; often easier said than done. But I am also in the process of being mindful of the present and cherishing something from each day. Sometimes the small things really do count 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments! I agree that living in the present isn’t always possible, but appreciating and forming each day a little bit more interesting is an effort that I would like to make. Thanks so much for reading!


  2. I agree with you! I’ve only started to make an effort to be present and constantly curious. I beat myself up over how much time I’ve wasted but there’s no point in doing that. All we have is now so I’ll suck it up and move forward, with intention and purpose.

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  3. it felt like you’re talking to me through this , i’m really trying to come up with something everyday to make the day special , but i usually end up at home doing nothing and feel guilty about it , i mean i have a purpose in this life and i want to work for it but it feels like that would take me forever till i decide when do i get up and make things right . thank you for writing this .


    1. You’re welcome, i am so happy that you could take something out of this post. I think the key is to do something, no matter how little it is, you are proud of. That is what will motivate you to keep going with joy and passion!

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  4. I definitely agree with you here and agree that a lot of us don’t push ourselves and grab each day and fulfill whatever we want to. Xx

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