The Beauty Of Having Time

Having time for what I want to do makes me a lucky person. I especially realized that today, on a beautiful Saturday, where the sun was shining brightly (we finally got rid of the snow!) and I went for a run.


There is nothing better than a run or a walk to sort out a few thoughts. Whilst I was peacefully looking around, I realized that it is a true luxury that I can sleep in, have a brunch, read my book, have time to go for a run and then meet my friends.

~music: Stockholm Sweetnin’- Scott Hamilton~

Everyone always glorifies being busy. Myself included.

In the beginning of my exchange year, I felt guilty to have those chilled Saturdays. I was convinced that I needed to be busy, running around, I felt like I needed to have a tight schedule otherwise I was lazy. But fact is, that I have time. And by now I just really enjoy it. I have lots of free time to use as I wish.


As crazy as it sounds, during my first few months in Canada, the weekend was what I was looking forward the least. For the simple reason that I was scared that I would end up wasting time. You have to understand that for someone who is just building up a life in a new country, it is impossible to be involved in the same amount of activities as at home. In Switzerland I am used to having quite a busy schedule, more schoolwork, duties and hobbies.

But then I realized that there is a true beauty in having time, free to use. I have time for long walks with and without friends, time to actually go through my “to-read”-list, to find new blogs, to do yoga, to draw, time for myself. I have time to sit down write about time. I have time to sit watch the rain drops fall against the window, time to listen the birds sing in the morning, time to sip my coffee without stressing about exams the next day.

I have time for the beauty in life. And that is a true luxury.


There is no huge message hidden between these lines, just my thoughts of the day. Maybe a little reminder for one or the other, maybe just an insight into my world. Whatever you got out of this post, (maybe just the photos?) I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what your thoughts on this topic are!

I’m out and about,




~ I will start to add the song I listened to whilst writing my posts; a song that sets the mood and captures the message I want you to understand. I feel like music is the last component to fulfill the mood on my blog. With words, photos and a song I feel like I can capture an emotion and hopefully transport it to you. ~


Photography: “A Wave”                                                                                       Instagram



  1. I get what you mean with busy life. We all believe we need to be busy all the time, otherwise we don’t feel productive. But having one chill day a week is totally fine and actually is necessity. We need to give ourself time to relax, chill and just do what we love. xx

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  2. Such gorgeous pictures! This resonated with me. I am type A so having down time makes me feel so lazy, but I have come to realize the importance of taking time for myself. Thank you so much for sharing beauty! ❤

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  3. Such a lovely, simple but effective post! I know exactly what you mean. One moment we’re running around like headless chickens – so rushed and not really taking a moment to grasp at how amazing life really is or to process everything we’re really doing. Next, you’re on a break and can’t quite believe how much time you have on your hands! I try to make the most out of my time. Blogging is one of them because I feel I can still be productive during it since I am practicing my writing, as well as sharing a piece of information that could well be worthwhile for someone else! Thanks for this post. 🙂 We all need to be reminded now and again that it’s the simple things that really matter.

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