Sunset Color Palette – photography series

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely week! Today’s series is a selection of sunset photos whose colors I loved so much that I purely wanted to focus on them instead of the whole image. When I took those shots the light and colors was so amazing that I wouldn’t stop until it was nearly dark. Looking at them now, some of them look more like a painting than a photograph, which I personally find kinda cool. And I mean, at least after my Beautifully Negative series you guys know that I like experimenting with my photos, right?

Well this time, I created this sunset color palette – enjoy!


DSC06772 - Kopie


DSC06774 - Kopie




DSC06775 - Kopie


DSC06782 - Kopie


DSC06778 - Kopie


DSC06777 - Kopie (2)

DSC06777 - Kopie















DSC06781 - Kopie


DSC06779 - KopieDSC06779


































DSC06776 - Kopie



DSC06780 - Kopie




And that’s it for today, thank you for taking the time to scroll through my photos, I really appreciate it! I’m always happy and thankful to hear your feedback, so let me know what you thought of this series!


I’m out and about,




  1. These are really pretty! The sunset was pink today where I live. ^ ^ Also I sent you a message through your contact form regarding an interview, I was just wondering if you received it. I’d love to interview about living in Switzerland for my blog series. Thank you!

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