If we couldn’t hide behind our phones…


If we couldn’t hide behind our phones, I would make an effort to say hello.

Surprised you’d look up, and if I was lucky, then ask for my name.

We could start talking and complain about the rain,

awkwardly laugh and asking about each other’s day.

Realizing that we’re different and yet the same.

I would compliment your shoes that you just bought

and you my earrings that I felt self-conscious about.

We would grin at each other,  happily,

feeling the momentarily satisfaction of meeting a good person,

of having a fine encounter on this mundane day.

Then our ways would part and never find back together,

and that’s okay.

Because you, and hopefully so would I, have brightened up our day.


And some might think it’s no big deal,

but it bothers me, that this was fiction and not real.















A little bit something different today, guys. It’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot lately and I’ve written this a few weeks back. I don’t mean to do the usual smartphone bashing, telling everyone how technology ruins relationships and our lives. That is not true. In fact, I am really thankful for the advanced technology. My phone allows me to keep in good contact with my family and friends back home, thousands of kilometers away.




But from time to time, I wonder whether our phones have become a sort of hideaway place. In a room full of strangers, no one has to talk to each other anymore, because no one hears the silence. There is no silence anymore. All you gotta do is turn on your phone and scroll through the million of pictures, videos and the overflowing content there is on the internet to feel satisfied again.

And I do think that sometimes, it is absurd.

How is it that I sat with five actually lovely girls at table for lunch and absolutely no conversation was happening? Instead of getting to know them, all I found out was what Instagram caption they would use for their new photo. Five girls, all of them eating their lunch, staring down at their phone not even realizing that this should be a social time. I am not exaggerating. This is exactly how it happened and I felt so estranged by it. Especially with being an exchange student and still trying to make friends at that point, I felt like cellphones were making it somewhat more difficult to really meet people. It wasn’t always like that of course, but a few situations like the one described opened my eyes a little bit.

Since then I sometimes wonder whether we realize anymore whether our exposure with phones has become absurd instead of useful. Whether we lose our ability to meet a stranger, because we feel like it’s easier to play a game on our phone instead of making the effort to say hi. Whether we feel safer to stare at a blank screen than ackowledging the human being next to us.

Because if it does, I think there is something utterly wrong about that, something that I would need to change.




I am not here to judge, not here to teach or tell anyone what to do. These are just my thoughts, and sharing thoughts is simply what I do here, right? It’s what you guys do too, so please let me know what your opinion is on this post, it’s really a topic that I would love to chat with you about.

I’m out and about,



Photography: “Technological Haze”                                                             Instagram



  1. OMG that lunch experience girl, I feel your pain. I see that happening all the time here, people go out to drink coffee and eat, all day do is staring at the freaking phones. I mean you should use your phone when you are at home and use social activity for talking and sharing experiences. xx

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    1. Exactly!! I feel like society has the misconception that we need to be on our phones whilst we’re around people to maybe “prove” that we have a lot of social contacts, but really it should be a thing we only do if we don’t socialize right now. Thanks Azra

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  2. This post is amazing Elena!! First of all I love the style of your photos! They look so so cool!! Love how you started this post and I really like the message behind it. I really get what you mean. When I used to meet a big group of people we all put our phones away and if someone would get it out and started writing with other people we would immediately all tell him off and said he should enjoy the time with us not with his phone. Now I feel it’s a lot harder to spend time with someone and not have a cellphone in between you. There’s Snapchats you have to look at, texts you have to answer. I love my phone but when I’m with friends I usually just leave it in my bag and try to enjoy the moment xx

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    1. And that’s the way everyone should do it. These girls I was talking about weren’t really my friends yet, I was just trying to get to know them, which made it even more disappointing that instead of wanting to meet me or have a fun conversation they all chose to practically ignore each other… I didn’t understand it. But usually if I am with my friends I don’t even want to use my phone, it’s much more fun to just talk and laugh together. Thank you so so much for your lovely feedback and comment!

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  3. Woww this is so so true and you just said that beautifully. ❤ I didn’t realise the depth of this until recently. No one even talks to co-passengers on trains even when the journey is about 3 hours long! Or on buses. Even restaurant conversations are eaten up by phones. It’s a sad reality. Urgh. I went to a sleepover on Saturday which was filled with pictures, texts and 3 hours of Instagram gossips. I almost died. Xxx

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    1. Oh gosh, sorry to hear that. I just wonder if people realize how ridiculous it is… why meet with people if all they’re going to do is to stare at they’re phones and look at the fun times other people have. It doesn’t make sense and I would love to see more people randomly chat with a stranger, with a co-passenger as you say it because it can be so beautiful. Thank you so much for your thoughts and comment, really appreciate it! ❤


      1. EXACTLY!! WHY MEET AT ALL. And yess, we could form brilliant true friendships that way. I loved your piece.
        And oh it’s a pleasure, because I dont find many people around who say it’s better to chat over a cup of coffee than to chat on WhatsApp or Twitter.

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      2. Hiya.You are a really cool blogger with interesting posts and I like it a lot! I’ve nominated you for the Real Neat Blogger Award, the details of which, can all be found on my blog!

        Happy Blogging! 💕XX

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  4. The poem kind of distantly reminds me of the early 2000s. Truth is, I indulge in modern technology, and am addicted to Youtube. I need to stop the addiction and find other hobbies, which is why I haven’t blogged or been on Pinterest for a while. Maybe I could just solely blog, and limit myself to just that for a while. Awesome post!

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    1. I’ve been thinking of setting limits for myself lately too. It’s hard to do, but might be the right thing… I’m not sure yet. But I totally get your YouTube addiction. I always tell myself that the people I’m watching are inspiring me, which they are, but their inspirtation doesn’t help if I chose to binge watch their videos instead of being productive… But that’s a whole other story. Thank you, Jo!

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  5. I LOVE gaping at my friends’ photography and would honestly love to take good pictures myself, but I am not really sure about the quality and aesthetics, because i basically have no patience. oops. But I lovee photography! 😀

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