About Me


Hi there and welcome!


I am Elena, the creator behind this blog. I am fifteen years old, currently living as an exchange student in Canada, but originally, I come from Switzerland. I am that kind of person that always takes a novel wherever I go, when I travel, my camera too, and not to forget: a pen and a notebook! (you never know when the inspiration hits you…) I love wearing big and colorful earrings, singing out loud (no matter if I know the lyrics) and having long conversations with my friends. If I am not out and about (doing something awesome), you will probably find me with a hot cup of coffee working on this blog.

I launched OUT N’ ABOUT January 1st, 2017 to use it as my creative space. My goal here is to share my love for art, literature and travel, as well as creating discussions about society, philosophy and whatever else crosses my mind!

Blogging is still something I am experimenting with, there will always be things to learn and figure out, but most importantly, it is something I absolutely enjoy doing! Hopefully I could have caught your interest and brim over some of my enthusiasm through this blog!

I’m out and about,