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I can’t believe it’s really happening!


Hello everyone!

It’s happening. And I still don’t get it. I’m sitting in the plane on my way to Toronto the moment you’re reading this. Isn’t that just crazy? It is. It really is.

In case you’re new on my blog, you might not know, that I am going on an exchange year to Canada. You can read more about it, right here, if you want to. Continue reading “I can’t believe it’s really happening!”

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Traveling through the North of Spain


Hello everyone!

Recently I already shared my vacation pictures of San Sebastián with you guys, but there’s still more. San Sebastián was our first stop, which I really loved, but afterwards we travelled around and saw different smaller cities, villages and beautiful landscapes ‘til we landed in Bilbao. Now let’s start the trip once again! Continue reading “Traveling through the North of Spain”