It’s Been a Month in Canada!


Hello everyone!

I can’t, I just can’t believe that it’s actually been a month now in Canada. Time flies here – and somehow doesn’t. This month has probably been the absolute craziest month in my life ever so far.

Arriving here, meeting the other exchange students, meeting my host mother (I was soo freaking nervous) and starting Canadian high school …. All of that is a lot to take in! Continue reading “It’s Been a Month in Canada!”


I am happy!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you’re all doing fine! Speaking of me, you read the title, I am simply very happy right now. Everything in my life is fine or at least I can handle it.

Especially yesterday, was just a great day and I thought that it was worth mentioning on my blog. We often talk about how to reach happiness, how to solve this or that problem or how to get to a happy life.

But today I simply want to talk about the fact, that I am happy. And very grateful for that. Continue reading “I am happy!”