Recently I liked 006


Hello everyone!

It’s about time, don’t you think? To just quickly let you guys know what I liked eating, reading, watching, wearing lately? Yes, it’s about time! Here we go:


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Recently I liked 005


Hello everyone!

I’m back with another shorter post. You might have noticed that this August it’s all about short but fun little posts on outnabout. I hope you enjoy this month’s post so far!

Today I’ll give you a quick update about… (surprise, surprise! )… what I liked recently! Here we go: Continue reading “Recently I liked 005”


Confesssions of a coffee addict – eating habits


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to thoughtful post with elena. (Yippie yippie yay!)

Before diving into deep thoughts and conversations, let me just quickly announce that I started to put a quote of the week on my blog, you will find it on my sidebar! I just thought that could be fun, so if you like to see it, then you have to leave the reader and visit my site! REading posts on the actual blog is much more fun anyway, don’t you agree? Let me know what you think about the quote!

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