My Notebook Collection


Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you’re fine. For today, I thought I could share my notebook collection, or at least the highlights of my notebook collection with you guys. You may or may not know (yet) that I absolutely love stationary of all kind and that I would never stop purchasing it, if it didn’t get that expensive… But still, I do have quite a nice collection of notebooks that I fell in love with, which I’m about to show! Continue reading “My Notebook Collection”


Confessions of a coffee addict – The influence of our society


Hello everyone!

Hello and welcome back to Confessions of a coffee addict! Do you guys all have your cup of fresh coffee with you? Yes? Well then let’s just dive right in!

So, you’ve seen the subject I chose for this episode. And I chose it, because I find this whole aspect very interesting. When does our own opinion start, when is the one we learnt? Continue reading “Confessions of a coffee addict – The influence of our society”


Finding the perfect words

Hey everyone!

Today’s blogpost is a bit different than usual, but I thought it would be fun to write about something different than my lifestyle related posts.

I think that if you enjoy writing, you’ll know the struggle to not be a hundred percent content with the words you choose. Sometimes the words just come directly into your mind and it is totally clear how to write that expression, this sentence and you know exactly what title you should choose. But sometimes you just stick to one certain phrase that just won’t sound good, no matter what you’re trying, it doesn’t fit. Continue reading “Finding the perfect words”